Innovations, Inc

Ander's Journal - Here we go again... - Session 3

Damn it! Woke up this morning not knowing where that kid was. Little guy is making my life a living hell. He’ll never know it. I, personally, won’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he is pushing my buttons and getting on my nerves. But now he’s done it. Doesn’t even know if this guy, Patient 0, is even his old man. Looks a hell of a lot like him, but who knows. Better yet, who knows about anything that is going on. First zombieland and now this… yellow jumpsuit central.

Haven’t had radio contact with the boy in a few hours. He’s on a truck. We’re on foot. Makes for a hell of a long journey. Gotta find some way to get there faster. UPS truck was out of gas. There’s gotta be something around here some where. Gotta find a car dealership. Get some wheels. In the meantime, here’s to fixing more of this kids problems. Good thing I’m one of the good guys. Here’s to going to hell and back for your paycheck. Smoke em while you got em.

Damn it!

Damn kid stole my smokes!!!



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