Innovations, Inc

Ander's Journal - That Blasted Backpack - Session 4

What an ungrateful little shit!

I find the kid after he runs away, finding his dad in the process, and in order to do that, we needed to infiltrate a highly protected CDC compound, fake being doctors, all the while carting our world jumping machine into the joint on a cart. All skills aside, it was a miracle we did all that.

And what does the kid say?

Where’s my backpack?

I save his ass, and all he can think of is his stupid D&D books. Freaking kid is living a D&D campaign right now. Stinking kids these days. They’d rather play an imaginary game than go out and get their hands dirty.

You wanna complain about something real. All of our guns and ammo are gone. Good thing I know what I’m doing. Not the first time I’ve been dropped in a blender with nothing. Thank God for all that training in the wild. Maybe it will finally pay off.

Time to go to work.


Sweet! Sounds totally like Anders. He’s not getting paid enough for this!


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