• Agent 42

    Agent 42

    Everyone assumed she was just a contracted courier at Innovations, Inc. She turns out to be a covert federal agent part of a new division investigating fringe science.
  • Colin MacKenzie

    Colin MacKenzie

    The kid
  • Gabriel Kane

    Gabriel Kane

    Gabriel is Innovation's VP of Applied Sciences and CEO Paul Van Zandt's personal friend. A learned man with doctorates in several areas of medicine and the sciences, he is a tinkerer, a medic, and a devout man of science both mundane and weird.
  • Yuri Poliakoff

    Yuri Poliakoff

    A cowardly psychic who doubts his own abilities, addicted to anti-seizure medication
  • 53N+RY


    53N+RY, aka Sentry, a Mark VII Security Bot.
  • Amy Heseltine

    Amy Heseltine

    Brilliant researcher? Friend or Foe? May be present on multiple realities...
  • Anders Weatherbee

    Anders Weatherbee

    Driver/Black Ops specialist
  • Chewie aka Gypsy (deceased-again)

    Chewie aka Gypsy (deceased-again)

    Once a guard dog at Innovations Inc, Chewie has come back from the dead. Although zombie dog, she still recognized Colin and obeys his commands.
  • Clint Castle (deceased)

    Clint Castle (deceased)

    Director of Security for Anubis Research Inc.
  • Professor Henry Bogdanovich

    Professor Henry Bogdanovich

    A malfunction with Henry's equipment, combined with an explosion, ripped the veil between worlds.
  • Torvol, mutant mercenary

    Torvol, mutant mercenary

    A large humanoid with thick grey skin, Torvol seems well adapted to survival in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  • Walter MacKenzie

    Walter MacKenzie

    CEO of Innovations Inc, father of Colin and employer of almost everyone else