Amy Heseltine

Brilliant researcher? Friend or Foe? May be present on multiple realities...


A photograph seems to indicate that the Amy of the Arcanis Modernus Reality was involved in some sort of relationship with Gabriel. She was not spotted among the zombies roaming Anubis Research Inc, nor rescued before the heroes fled to another reality. Status unknown.

The Amy of Homeline had been rumored to have been involved in an illicit affair with Paul Van Zandt, one of the founders of Innovations Inc. This rumor was denied by both, but was still reported on ‘page 6’ by the press and social media message boards. To co-workers, Amy confided that she believes these rumors were spread by her ex-husband. Homeline’s Amy Heseltine was present in the auditorium when Henry Bogdanovich’s equipment malfunctioned. Status unknown.

Amy Heseltine

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