Anders Weatherbee

Driver/Black Ops specialist


Rank: Novice

Race: Human
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’1
Weight: 180
Handedness: Right
Body Quirks: Right Shoulder injury (old war wound)

Agility: D8
Smarts: D6
Spirit: D6
Strength: D6
Vigor: D6

Pace: 6
Parry: 8
Toughness: 5
Charisma: 0

Boating: 2
Driving: D8
Fighting: D12
Lockpicking: D6
Notice: D6
Piloting: +2
Shooting: D10
Stealth: D6


  • Ace – +2 to Boating, Driving, Piloting; may make Soak rolls for vehicles at -2
  • Martial Artist – Never considered unarmed, +D4 to unarmed damage rolls


  • Enemy (Major) – Someone out there hates the character and wants him dead.
  • Loyal (Minor) – Your character may not be a hero, but he’d give his life for his friends. The character can never leave a man behind if there is any chance at all he could help.
  • Overconfidence (Major) – There’s nothing out there your hero can’t defeat. At least that’s what he thinks. He believes he can do most anything and never wants to retreat from a challenge. He’s not suicidal, but he certainly takes on more than common sense dictates.
  • Vow (Minor) – The character has a vow to protect Colin MacKensie at all costs.


  • Kevlar Vest (Torso Only) – Kevlar offers 2 points of protection against most attacks. Kevlar weave “binds” spinning bullets and so negates up to 4 points of AP from bullets, and provides +4 protection from them as well.

Anders Weatherbee was never meant for the life of a soldier. With an uncanny agility and speed, Anders excelled in all sports, and he did so with his little brother at his side. But even after all of his running while playing soccer and sprinting in track and field, his desire for speed couldn’t be filled, so his passion to run turned into a passion to drive…really fast. Wesley, who was 4 years younger than Anders, idolized his big brother and was following in his steps. The two were like peas in a pod, a true example of honest to goodness brotherly love. They played together constantly and Anders took it upon himself to teach and share everything that he knew about cars and driving to his younger brother.

One bright and sunny day, and Anders, Wesley, and their family had tickets to go watch a professional NASCAR race. All was wonderful, until about the 150th lap. At that moment, the earth moved. It shook the stadium with such violence that the track split. Cars swerved and twisted, crashing into one another. Other cars flew into the crowd. One car in particular crashed, rolled and was headed right for where Anders and his family were sitting. Everyone panicked and ran for the exits. It was all a blur, and in the chaos that ensued, Anders dove out of the way and ran for his life. But then realizing none of his family was around him, he tried to turn back. “Wesley! Mom! Dad!” he yelled, but the force of the wave of people running to the exits carried him in the oposite direction.

On that day, Anders survived… but none of his family made it out alive. His parents were crushed by the fallen debris of the stadium. The car that had flown off the track had killed Wesley. The death of his family, especially his brother, rocked Ander’s to his core and changed him completely. “It’s all my fault,” he continued to tell himself. “I should have been looking out for Wesley. I was older. I should have helped.” It was these thoughts that led Anders down his new path.

After the family’s funeral, Anders vowed to be someone people could depend on in times of crisis, and after graduating high school, he enlisted in the military. His drive, passion, natural agility, and the fact that he fit a “certain criteria” opened the door for him to become a black ops specialist. Soon after training, he began working on top secret missions for the United states. No one knew what he did. “It’s best you don’t know,” was all he would say when asked what he did for a living.

Years later, he relocated to Seattle, Washington, after being shot through the right shoulder. He was told he could never do what he used to do because of his injury. Ander’s hated it. He knew he could still perform at peak performance regardless of his injury. “What do they know,” he would say. “All they do is sit behind a desk and push papers all day…not like us soldiers in the trenches who do all the dirty work. I can still help.” Soon, Anders Black Ops Specialist title changed to Personal Security Consultant, and he took a job working as a driver/bodyguard for the young Colin MacKensie, son of technology magnate Walter MacKensie…one of the founders of Inovations, Inc.

Last know location of Anders Wetherbee was at Inovations, Inc. on day of “the accident.” Sources state that although no body was ever found on site after the accident, Anders is presumed dead, along with the boy, Collin, his father, and a few other individuals.

Anders Weatherbee

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