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Savage Tangents Issue 7
Nearing the End

Savage tangents issue 7

Who Knew? Ander's Journal

Who knew the kid would pull through? Don’t get me wrong, the kids more than definitely going to get himself into trouble again, but now that he has a little responsibility on his shoulders he seems to be doing a little better.

And good thing, too, because his father is a wreck. Wonder if the kid realizes that his dad is worse off than he is…and this is the man who pays me to do my job. Guess his social skills are not the reason why he made his money. Damn kook! Good thing the kid is getting his shit together because he’ll probably end up saving his dad’s ass along the way home.

And who’s supposed to take care of him…ME! This just keeps getting better and better as we go. What’s next? Four armed mutants?! Sheesh! Here we go again.

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Issue 5

Savage tangents issue 5

Paradise Found?

Gabriel's Journal - Session 4

Perhaps my long-awaited moment of respite is finally upon us. No we are not home. We actually find ourselves the guests of a band of Native American braves whose conflict we inadvertently stumbled upon. I am not a trusting man, that simply not possible when you spend your days rubbing elbows with executives and corporate attorneys, but I will take the peace where I can get it…even if that peace is fleeting.

I’ve gotten ahead of myself. We’ve left another world behind, simultaneously accomplishing two great feats. The first was to miniaturize the machine. It was never meant to be moved, so Henry never took efficiency into account his design. We are ever on the move, so something had to be done to make it smaller, lighter, and able to sustain its own power. Though we had to dodge looters and killers to do it, Henry’s machine now fits in a simple backpack and has been equipped with a solar panel. It will collect power slowly, but over time this should keep the machine charged.

More importantly, we’ve introduced a whole world to the wonder that is immunology. The local media was correct in calling Walter “patient zero”. Perhaps due to an illness as minor as the common cold, or the bacteria on his skin, Walter inadvertently unleashed a plague upon a people who had never known disease, who had never built immunity or had known the science to generate a vaccine. Now they have that ability. With a little time and lot of luck, they may very well turn back this plague and restore the peace.

As a scientist, it is humbling to be reminded that history’s most significant breakthroughs were often nothing more than accidents. This is the very reason scientists theorize and experiment constantly, why their work is so vital. This world, nearly felled by an insignificant virus, could very well have been our world. Antibiotics were a happy accident, but they entirely changed the equation. Humanity was no longer at the mercy of nature, no longer just lives waiting to be snuffed out by an invisible threat.

Our intervention undoubtedly saved countless lives, but I still question the morality of it all. Should we even have this power? What impact could our influence have the fabric of all realities, of space-time itself? We are entirely ignorant, stabbing at the dark and hoping nothing bad will happen. Eventually something will, and it will be on our heads.

Gabriel's Journal - Session 3

Lately I’ve been considering the impact of technology. Since the industrial revolution, there have always been two constants: science will evolve, and people will fear its evolution. It’s a fascinating dichotomy…just another reflection of man’s tendency to fear the unknown. It is true that science is power; one could even argue that is the new rubric by which “survival of the fittest” is measured. But surely this power is benevolent. It is simply a reflection on the hand that holds it, not an intrinsic property. To one man, the atom bomb was a fearsome weapon, no another it was a breakthrough in understanding the properties of matter and energy. We split the atom because it made us wiser, no because it could be used to eradicate thousands.

Is the same true of this new technology? This machine that can span dimensions, can move us instantly through space, time, and reality…is there a benevolent use to such immense and unpredictable power? I’m shaken to my core. I may tell myself that it is the variability of such a machine that troubles me, but there is more the equation. What do these other realities mean? Is our Earth “real” or is it just one of an infinite number of possibilities? How will we ever know when we’ve truly returned when the difference between our worlds could be as subtle as freckle where there was not one before?

And what of science and the laws of physics? Will we find a world so different that even time doesn’t exist? Where gravity moves away from the center of the Earth instead of toward? It is conceivable that we might jump to a reality where Earth has no atmosphere and suffocate instantly. The variables are overwhelming! For the first time as a man of science, I am truly afraid.

Would that we had the time for proper study, but alas we have yet to find a moment to catch our breaths. Violence surrounds us constantly. Gone are the demons and magic which have no place in a rational world. Now we find ourselves in an equally bleak situation: a version of Earth overrun with plague and disease. Bodies liter the streets, military patrols comb the city at all hours, and CDC agents cleanse the streets with chemical cleansers and fire.

Although none of us have shown symptoms, we have no defense against this disease. Our own immune systems won’t contain antibodies against a disease born of another world. What’s worse, patient zero appears to be Collin’s father. How can this be possible? What possible connection could he have to this plague?

Ander's Journal - That Blasted Backpack - Session 4

What an ungrateful little shit!

I find the kid after he runs away, finding his dad in the process, and in order to do that, we needed to infiltrate a highly protected CDC compound, fake being doctors, all the while carting our world jumping machine into the joint on a cart. All skills aside, it was a miracle we did all that.

And what does the kid say?

Where’s my backpack?

I save his ass, and all he can think of is his stupid D&D books. Freaking kid is living a D&D campaign right now. Stinking kids these days. They’d rather play an imaginary game than go out and get their hands dirty.

You wanna complain about something real. All of our guns and ammo are gone. Good thing I know what I’m doing. Not the first time I’ve been dropped in a blender with nothing. Thank God for all that training in the wild. Maybe it will finally pay off.

Time to go to work.

Ander's Journal - Here we go again... - Session 3

Damn it! Woke up this morning not knowing where that kid was. Little guy is making my life a living hell. He’ll never know it. I, personally, won’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he is pushing my buttons and getting on my nerves. But now he’s done it. Doesn’t even know if this guy, Patient 0, is even his old man. Looks a hell of a lot like him, but who knows. Better yet, who knows about anything that is going on. First zombieland and now this… yellow jumpsuit central.

Haven’t had radio contact with the boy in a few hours. He’s on a truck. We’re on foot. Makes for a hell of a long journey. Gotta find some way to get there faster. UPS truck was out of gas. There’s gotta be something around here some where. Gotta find a car dealership. Get some wheels. In the meantime, here’s to fixing more of this kids problems. Good thing I’m one of the good guys. Here’s to going to hell and back for your paycheck. Smoke em while you got em.

Damn it!

Damn kid stole my smokes!!!


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