Colin MacKenzie


Colin is is the 12-year old only child of Walter MacKenzie and his wife, Pauline. Seven years ago, while driving home from a party, the couple was caught in a tragic car accident. Walter was lucky enough to only receive minor injuries, but Pauline was not so lucky. She sustained a critical injury and died on the way to the hospital. Stricken with grief, Walter threw himself into his work, spending less and less time for his son.

As a result, Colin has grown up with little attention from others. He never quite fit in at any of the school’s he attended. Not smart enough for the private school the other Innovation children attended, yet too smart for the public schools. Never having many friends, he has become very self sufficient and independent. He takes advantage of this by roaming the halls of Innovations, Inc; often where he is not supposed to be. Feeling sorry for him, most scientists turn a blind eye when they catch him in a restricted areas.

On these journeys he came across one of the guard dogs and bonded almost immediately. The dog has often been found, forgoing her duties to play with Colin and wander around. Not knowing the dog’s real name at first, Colin began calling her Chewie and the name stuck with her.

With no real connection with people, Colin dives into reading and video games, mainly science fiction and fantasy. Whenever he gets frustrated with his schoolwork, he spends his time memorizing facts from franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.

After his mother’s death, Walter hired a chauffeur to attend to the families driving needs. Over the years Colin has developed a respect and admiration for his driver. He is one of the few adults that shows and care and interest in Colin.

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Colin MacKenzie

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